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Welcome to Stellar Speakers, a unique speaker and events agency, who are dedicated to making a positive impact. We represent thought leaders, change agents and experts in their field who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience to point the way to;

  • Help entrepreneurs, SMEs and large organisations face the challenges and make the changes needed for sustainable success in today’s and tomorrow’s world

  • Inspire individuals to fully realise their potential

  • Enhance people’s lives and communities in the process

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  • Gail Reynolds

    Gail Reynolds

    Gail Reynolds – £6 Million Pound Mum!

    In 1997 Gail found herself literally left “holding the baby” for the 2nd time in her 25 years. A single Mum with 2 kids (Ashleigh and Libby) from 2 different fathers, living in a cramped council flat on income support, Gail knew she simply did not belong where she had ended up. With little education, no qualifications and no work experience, from anyone’s standards things simply could not get any worse. So, with no job, no confidence and very low self esteem Gail had her first light bulb moment and things were about to change for her and her family forever.

  • South Pole 3 013

    Craig Mathieson

    A feral 12-year old, Craig Mathieson was mesmerised by ‘Captain Scott of Antarctica’ and dreamed of following in his footsteps to the South Pole. He signed up to the Navy at the tender age of 16 because he was assured they sailed to Antarctica. It took 23 years before Craig could realise his childhood dream to become a true Explorer.

  • Sean Brickell

    Sean Brickell

    Seán Brickell is an entrepreneur, speaker and facilitator and the author of Don’t Shoot – I’m Not Well! Confidence for when you really need it who appears on TV, the radio and in the print and online media talk about how communication and confidence can transform our lives. He’s guaranteed to make you think, feel and act differently, and more profitably, while also entertaining you.

  • jbird_122

    Jennifer Joan Stenhouse

    Jennifer Joan Stenhouse is a thought leader in mind-body dynamics, a former journalist, media professional and energy master who’s had one foot planted in the alternative arena and one in the mainstream since childhood when her psychic and intuitive healing abilities were first recognised – and, importantly, not discouraged.

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