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Welcome to Stellar Speakers, a unique speaker and events agency, who are dedicated to making a positive impact. We represent thought leaders, change agents and experts in their field who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience to point the way to;

  • Help entrepreneurs, SMEs and large organisations face the challenges and make the changes needed for sustainable success in today’s and tomorrow’s world

  • Inspire individuals to fully realise their potential

  • Enhance people’s lives and communities in the process

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  • itzik

    Itzik Amiel

    As an inspiring leader, power networker and highly sought after award winning keynote speaker, trainer and coach, Itzik has helped thousands of leaders, corporate and professionals organizations and networks around the world more effectively and efficiently raise their international expansion and branding and empower their vision.

  • Dave Hall - head shot

    David Hall

    David inspires people by fundamentally challenging the way that they think, demonstrating that there are blockages in the mind that massively constrain individual and organisational performance, and showing how to overcome them. Conventional thinking is hitting the bottom line of every organisation- potentially to the tune of over 30% of revenues.

  • Steve

    Steve Trister

    Steve doesn’t just engage, entertain and energise his audiences – that goes without saying – he shares with them how they can become awesome at communicating their message too. His focus on giving an audience ‘stuff’ to take away and use themselves makes him not just another speaker who delivers content (there’s enough boring gits out there already)… Steve’s a speaker who can deliver genuine change.

  • HS2_Large

    Curtis Rivers

    Curtis Rivers is a highly popular speaker, much sought after for his ability to elicit profound and lasting changes in his audience, he has helped countless individuals and businesses to achieve the success they deserve. As such, he has been labelled “The Transformational Speaker”. As a Motivational Speaker, he motivates people to take action, and as an Inspirational Speaker he inspires people to change their thinking. However, it’s as a Transformational Speaker that his effects are more dynamic – creating mindset change and action plans that last long after the event.

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