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Welcome to Stellar Speakers, a unique speaker and events agency, who are dedicated to making a positive impact. We represent thought leaders, change agents and experts in their field who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience to point the way to;

  • Help entrepreneurs, SMEs and large organisations face the challenges and make the changes needed for sustainable success in today’s and tomorrow’s world

  • Inspire individuals to fully realise their potential

  • Enhance people’s lives and communities in the process

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  • Steve

    Steve Trister

    Steve doesn’t just engage, entertain and energise his audiences – that goes without saying – he shares with them how they can become awesome at communicating their message too. His focus on giving an audience ‘stuff’ to take away and use themselves makes him not just another speaker who delivers content (there’s enough boring gits out there already)… Steve’s a speaker who can deliver genuine change.

  • Gail Reynolds

    Gail Reynolds

    Gail Reynolds – £6 Million Pound Mum!

    In 1997 Gail found herself literally left “holding the baby” for the 2nd time in her 25 years. A single Mum with 2 kids (Ashleigh and Libby) from 2 different fathers, living in a cramped council flat on income support, Gail knew she simply did not belong where she had ended up. With little education, no qualifications and no work experience, from anyone’s standards things simply could not get any worse. So, with no job, no confidence and very low self esteem Gail had her first light bulb moment and things were about to change for her and her family forever.

  • the strategy man

    Deri Llewellyn-Davies

    When it comes to Deri Llewellyn-Davies, the phrase ‘suited and booted’ takes on a new meaning. As the UK’s leading authority on bringing strategy alive, Deri spends his days in a pinstriped three-piece and his spare time climbing the highest summits in the world wearing some of the biggest boots in the world (just one of his extreme exploits). Deri loves business and adventure in equal measure and the same motivation underpins both: a fascination with life and a curiosity that always leads him to ask, “Why?” or more importantly, “Why not,” as he believes anything is possible.

  • photo

    PJ Stevens

    PJ Stevens is an engaging, confident and passionate professional who delivers empowering and valuable workshops, programmes, motivational speeches and sessions that genuinely impact on people, productivity and performance.

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